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Ellen Myers

Founder of The Green Pet Community

First of all let me welcome you to this community. It was designed with you in mind. I wanted to offer a place where you can find connection with people who are looking for people to exchange information, stories, opinions and laughs with by either going into a specific arena for a pure bred dog, cat or horse, or through a shared interest connected to pets in general.

Having been involved with pets most of my life, and having spent many years with pure breed pursuits in my own breeding of dogs, coupled with a background as well in areas of journalism, art history, art, and integrated medicine with a sideline love of some more mystical things, I could pretty well cover the waterfront in what is out there, sliced with discrimination. My own breed is the Briard, a French herding dog. My kennel name for my dogs is Briards of the Coastline. A website exists and has for many years about my dogs. more...